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Concept + Interior Design
Concept should be the first step to any design process, and for us it is everything. We bring fresh and exciting ideas to new and already established developments and believe in projects that have strong foundations in design. At Edge, we provide services ranging from initial planning and architectural interior design to material and colour palette selection, schedules of fixtures and finishes and mood boards to get the creative energy flowing. 
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Your project partner from the very start… From initial drawings to design renderings and detailed plans.

Architectural Interior Design + Renders


We create mood boards that help you to visualise how your project will look and feel. Everything such as stone, flooring and joinery finishes are meticulously considered. 

Mood Boards

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Materials, fixtures and finishes are the cornerstone of our business and can dictate how a space feels and ultimately how well it performs. 

Fixtures & Finishes

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We pay particular attention to detail, creating mood boards to give our clients a visual of the look and feel and colour schemes that bring out the best in a space. 

Colour Palette

Furniture + Styling
Furnishing and styling is the core of the Edge design practice. We take a space and transform it with bespoke furnishing choices and styling that elevates a living area from being not only a space of functionality but one of comfort, luxury and personality. 
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Furnishing schemes and bespoke furniture design and creation. We can fit-out your entire project. 



We help you find your style and bring a wealth of personality to your project.