When creating a space, a sense of luxury should underpin every conversation; to create a space that exudes a sense of comfort, aesthetic and personality. At Edge, this concept is not only our goal, but it is what we thrive on. Established in 2006 by Designer Director, Charlie Rizk, Edge Design Consultants is an interior design company that has become quickly renowned for its highly refined and brazen designs that go beyond the norm and conform to the needs and inner creative spirits of their clients. Edge designs evoke a sense of grandness laced with eccentricity, blending a focus on unity to create spaces that evoke a sense of luxury, communion and speak volumes as to the heart of the people that inhabit them.


With a complete understanding of the build process and their rapport with some of Sydney’s finest suppliers, artisans, architects and builders, Edge have developed an impressive selection of choice providers for exclusive lines, luxurious pieces, bespoke items and quality fittings to satisfy the most discerning clients. Materials are picked based on their aesthetics, functionality and durability, and designs are meticulously laboured over to ensure that each space is elegant and functional. Collaboration between Edge, clients, architects and builders from concept through to final stages of furnishing, styling and decorating, have created some of Sydney’s most excitingly innovative residential and commercial properties over the last ten years.


We are a design firm that believes in personality, luxury and most profoundly accessibility to luxury. Our designs speak to the true nature of our clients and aim at all times to push the boundaries of art and it's expression in our homes, workplaces and social spaces. 


Charlie Rizk begun making his mark in the creative industry from a young age, founding the internationally renowned salon Escapdehfb™ where he cut his teeth helping clients realize their potential. His love for design and unique eye led him to branch out into interior design where Charlie found the true home of his unique talents. Since inception, Edge Design Consultants has combined cutting edge modernism with a unique sense of classicism, combining different styles and mediums with an end goal of enriching the physical experience of his clients. A sense of environment, passion and personality drives Charlie’s vision and his designs speak volumes to his attentiveness to detail and his love for art as a medium to communicate personality, comfort and luxury.

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