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Winter 2021 - Tips for creating a stylish and inviting winter home interior.

As we welcome the season of all things cosy, our attention moves inwards to our homes and we prepare for spending more time indoors. After last years’ forced isolation, we experienced first-hand the importance of our homes being a comfortable, and functional haven to suit our lifestyle.

This seasons’ trends offer instant cosiness and new winter feels for our home. Whether you want to update a large or small space, an instant transformation is guaranteed by adding a few new elements.

Key Trends for Winter 2021

Winter 2021 is best characterised by adding anything rich, rustic, warm and earthy.

Colours inspired by nature – Warm, earthy tones bring a sense of casual comfort to any space. Simply look to mother nature for inspiration. Colour can be one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to create a new mood in a room.

This seasons’ hottest colours are terracotta, clay, cinnamon, taupe, rosy pleach, saffron, gold, natural soft warm whites, and grey blues. These softer, earthier tones have provided a refreshing new palette away from last years’ bold colours. Green has emerged as the new classic and timeless colour of choice. Whether sage or deep emerald, even anything in between, there is a shade that appeals to most and it provides a serenity that soothes and balances any space.

Organic natural earthy materials - One of the hottest trends right now is anything handmade, artisan or bespoke. The craftsman made pieces offer a more personal connection with nature in your space. One-of-a-kind custom pieces have their own unique shape and form as they’ve been crafted by hand, this quality always showcases the homeowner’s personality and style. Pieces such as terracotta pots, vases, bowls, wicker baskets, wooden furniture pieces or trims bring a sense of warmth to your aesthetic. By introducing beautifully handcrafted artisan pieces into our home it brings a very personal element into our homes much the same way adding art does.

Textiles -Fabrications that have a heavier feel offer a luxurious winter handle and finish. Fabric choices such as beautiful wools, silks, velvets and heavy brushed cottons instantly add a tactile and textural delight to any room. Pillows, throws and a change in drapery can instantly transform a space. Accessorising or adding accents in quality plush velvets, wools or silks is a quick refresh to any room.

Mixed Texture – An instant transition into winter can easily be achieved by adding accessories. Creating a serene space by keeping tones subdued and tonal does not need to look bland. Layering textures that all have earthy tones can work beautifully together. Accessories offer a tactile sensory delight for anyone using the space. Create a cosy sanctuary by building up your look with thoughtfully chosen pieces and layering with natural and luxurious fabrications. Think loose knitted blankets, crotched cushions or even go all out with chair upholstery.

Flooring- The warmth of timber under foot. Rugs that offer higher pile in winter are an instant hug for your feet. A rug can make large open space with hardwood or tiled floors (that would normally feel cool and breezy in summer) feel cosier and more intimate.

Rugs offer the perfect solution for a temporary seasonal adjustment in our homes. It has the immediate impact to transform a space with colour, texture and even the size.

Lighting – The finishing touches for your new tranquil zone is all in the detail. Lighting is never to be underestimated. Having an option for warm lighting in a room for the evening instantly induces a relaxed mood. Whether it be a table or floor lamp or a suspended ceiling light or wall sconces, the principles are the same. Keep lighting soft and bonus points if your lighting is dimmable. This is perfect to light the space appropriately for the function required.

Try these tips in your home for instant cosiness to create a stylish and inviting winter home interior.

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