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Top Tips for Choosing, Decorating & Styling your Christmas Tree

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

And just like that, here we are on the eve of the official start of the Christmas season. The season of hope, giving and the time where we put a little extra effort into creating a festive space (or spaces) for entertaining and connecting.

Getting into the Christmas spirit usually starts by putting up the Christmas tree. This lone standing symbol of all things festive and magical is usually the focal point in our homes. If we start with the tree, styling the rest of the home with repeated decor, baubles, picks, ribbons and lighting can spread the magic with ease. Repeating the style in other areas of your home instantly elevates the impact of the Christmas spirit and by repeating the trim and decor throughout other areas of your home creates a cohesive and very professional finish.

It all starts with the tree.

Choosing the perfect Christmas tree is simple if you take a few key elements into consideration...

Location - -The first considerations are how much space and ceiling height you have. It is always helpful to think about where and how the tree will be part of your Christmas life.. Would you like it seen from various rooms, is it your Christmas morning tradition to sit around it and open presents…? Is the family room where you will spend most time or the kitchen… The answers will help you choose the perfect location.

Size - Once location is sorted, we need to consider size. The scale of the tree for the space is important. Do you have space for a wide tree or is narrow better suited to your space?

Height - The ceiling height is the other equally important consideration. Ensure you leave room for your topper and then a good 15-20cm before you hit the ceiling. Think grand sweep upwards for the eyes not any sad cramping in under the ceiling.

Natural or Artificial - Now you’ve chosen your height and width, what style will you go for…

We could debate real versus artificial till the end of time. This is purely down to personal preference. Fresh clearly has the lovely scent and, well, its natural… Not everyone can deal with the dropping of needles or that same smell we just mentioned. If you buy it too early, it may not look too great by Christmas day…

Artificial is all about the style of branch. Are you a bauble person? If so, you need branches that are wired and have points thus you may hang decorations to your hearts content.

If you prefer a more minimal style and spruce looking tree with loads of lights then soft branches are fine.

Flocking or No Flocking - The question of whether your tree has flocking or pine needles is also completely personal. I believe that a winter flock tree has to carry a winter look throughout all your decorator items. A little crystal snow here, a hint of flocking or snowflakes there, will tie in a much stronger winter aesthetic.

Similarly, a clean summer feeling on the tree would be thrown off with flocked décor items.

Lighting – You’re doing great, you’ve decided on the perfect position, height and width for your tree and thus the decorating can begin.

We then must start with lights. Loads of them. If in doubt, add more lights. We love lights in garlands and all throughout the Christmas styling of your home. Ensure you have the lights turned on when placing on the tree (lights are always first). Don’t be afraid to pop them in deeper into the tree and some closer to the tips. A designer tip is to have one stationary set of lights on and second set that twinkles on the tree.

Finally, decorating – Whether you’re a a minimalist or maximalist you’re right! The decorating style you choose is all about what feels right for you.

Before you start, a common question we are asked is if you need to decorate the back of the tree? It can be very expensive decorating to 360° angle of the tree if it is not seen at all at the back. Take care not to load up the weight only in the front without counter balancing.

When we are adding decorations to the tree, the general rule is decorations evenly dispersed across the tree. Start with the plain baubles or baubles you have most of first and don’t forget the centre of the tree. Start inside the middle for the plain pieces to create a real depth. If you are doing a minimal tree this also applies but to a lesser degree.

Next move to whatever you deem next in line of special and then complete your decorating with your most prized baubles. These should be the last baubles you add to your tree.

Any Picks can be added now. Picks facing downwards in line with tree branches keep your look more natural and organic shaped and facing picks upwards is usually more jolly and Avant Garde.

Then the grand finale is our topper. A topper can be anything, plumes, feathers or sparkly picks…

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