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Top 15 Interior Design Trends for 2022

A trend by definition is the general direction in which something is developing and changing towards. Home design trends have definitely evolved thanks to all our lifestyle changes over the last 3 years. As we are moving into 2022, we have never been clearer about the importance of the functionality and overall needs of our house design. Our mood and wellbeing are inextricably connected to our home, and we understand more than ever, that our environment has a huge impact on how we feel.

Home design trends have evolved dramatically since Covid came into our lives. The adjustments and constant realignment through each variant have resulted in our home designs encompassing features and spaces that offer sanctuary and function for the long-term. Gone are our makeshift home offices and gyms. Dedicated spaces that match our lifestyle needs have become the new normal.

If you are following design trends you may have come across the term Biophilic Design, which is all about making the connection of nature - to the design - with lifestyle. This design principle is the biggest shift we’ve seen in new residential, office and apartment living in some time. The following list outlines the key areas of design that are trending as we move into 2022 and beyond. The connection to nature and all that it represents is the key theme running through many of the trending principles below.

Top 15 Design Trends for 2022;

1. CONNECTION TO NATURE - Our innate need to connect to mother earth is nurtured in spaces that are calming. We are paying more attention and creating areas that are relaxing to ensure our living spaces have a more organic look and feel... Earthy elements are continuing to be the preferred style in new homes. There is an innate warmth to handmade artisan products. The use of organic, natural and raw materials such as leather, stone, wood, and wicker instantly create a less formal and more inviting space.

2. GREENER SPACES – The trend to bring the outside in with plants featuring heavily indoors has been gaining momentum in homes, corporate spaces and the hospitality sector. Large windows and openings directly into thoughtfully created zen gardens, and areas that offer a tranquil outlook provide the perfect place to recharge or disconnect. Master bedrooms with their own sanctuary garden for relaxation, that do not require you to leave the comfort of your own bedroom, is not surprisingly becoming an integral part of the master bedroom design standard.

3 LET THERE BE LIGHT - The growing popularity for greener homes and our passion for connecting with nature, has meant natural light, and lots of it, is being strategically built in to homes more and more. Glass exterior walls (think window splash backs and glass wall corridors leading to yards) and glass ceilings are being designed for practical and maximum light flow. This opens up a home whilst also maximizing the natural light and mood of many previously darker zones.

4. INDOOR OUTDOOR LIVING - Alfresco living, pool and entertaining areas are central to our lifestyles thus we are placing more importance and detail into the design of our outdoor living spaces. Outdoor furniture has elevated, considerably, thus the distinction of indoor and outdoor is often blurred. Bringing outdoors in, and being outside more has meant we want more stylish outdoor spaces. 2022 is seeing us progressing to outdoor lifestyle spaces rather than just an outdoor kitchen/dining.

5. NOT SO OPEN FLOOR PLAN LIFESTYLE - The home office is here to stay! Sharing an open plan dining/living area with multiple zoom calls going at once has seen many of us reverse engineer our homes to provide segregation once more. With many family members potentially working from home simultaneously the need for privacy, and silence has never been more attractive. Creating separate zones facilitates purpose tasking. Junior ceos are also part of this planning as homework and the ever-present possibility of home schooling once again has many rethinking the open plan living model. …

6. DEDICATED WELLBEING AREA - The shift in staying in has meant we are looking at more permanent solutions to living well and having the option to exercise, meditate, enjoy a spa or sauna all from the comfort of our own home. At Edge Design, we are seeing an understanding and desire to placing ‘wellness centers’ in our residential properties. Dedicated area for gyms, beauty rooms, infrared, saunas, and massages to be facilitated at home without the need to go out is now seen as a practical inclusion.

7. BUILDING FOR THE LONG TERM - Natural material choices such as stone, marble, travertine, and real timbers continue to reign. The aesthetic appeal coupled with the focus on durability and longevity of finishes helps make these natural elements dominate the design choices both inside and out. Think luxe bathtubs, benches, splashbacks and basics in these raw, organic materials. Metal hardware is moving into antique brass finishes and brushed chrome to better compliment the natural aesthetic.

8. EUROPEAN INFLUENCE - We may not be travelling as much but the influence of ancient European cities and ruins in the way of Venetian plastering, limewash and plastering has been increasingly used. Ancient techniques by skilled craftsman can completely transform an otherwise unremarkable wall to something full of character and soul. Adding texture instantly adds interest. Combine with some architectural details for a high end designer look.

9.TACTILE TEXTILES - As we embrace natural, organic everything, we are moving away from synthetic (aka plastic) fibres and textiles. Soft furnishings in raw, natural fabrications such as linen, wool, and mohair in earthy tones compliment the warmer mood. Texture and fabrication is often the first area to get switched out for a new season update. Leather furniture and accessories are having a moment. We could argue they’ve never not been popular but expect to see a resurgence in particular in tan, chocolate and caramel tone in sofas in particular.

10. GRANDMILLENNIAL INFLUENCE Referred by some as Granny Chic, is furniture and design with old school details. Grandmillennial chic is full of traditional, beautifully crafted and bespoke detail. Traditional details add a sense of timelessness and elegance to any space. From wall panelling to grandma’s old buffet or dresser, these intricate items are breaking up old minimalist, cool spaces for an instant injection of character. Thoughtfully curated prints and florals, more notably chintz, are appearing in more and more homes. From Drapery to wallpaper, we are seeing ageless prints in modern colours bringing back a sense of old world grandeur.

11. ORGANIC SHAPES - Curves in everything from sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and mirrors to architectural features such as windows and door frames are replacing the old square and straight lines of recent years. Cool organic shaped furniture offers a softer more fluid feeling to life. Less rigid and structured, the new sofas instantly feel like a warm hug as you sink into the cradled shape.. The leaning towards natural shapes and materials therefore makes perfect sense to continue into sculptural and curved shapes in furniture

12. SMART HOMES – As we become more comfortable with the heightened smarts of Artificial Intelligence, smart phones, smart tv’s and smart cars are now helping us live a more tailored and comfortable life. It therefore makes sense that from a foundational level we design our homes with integrated systems. AI cooking, cleaning, temperature controls and security is here to stay and specifically designed to support an easier life.

13. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN - An awareness of the impact of our consumer choices has created a shift to buying sustainably. Consciously designed products that are sourced from sustainable and ethical sources, reclaiming timbers and any building materials possible has brought new life to home design. We a moving away from the easy pickings of poorly made, mass produced items and instead looking for quality classics that have stood the test of time. Repurposing antique furniture pieces you adore and buying vintage pieces can create a more classic and enduring style. The shift away from mindless consumerism is long overdue.

14. STATEMENT ARTWORK – Art has the power to evoke strong emotion. It can set the tone of a room as much as the colour can create a feeling. Bright happy tones bring whimsy and a sense of cheerfulness to a space (such as a family or kids room), as much as dark and brooding art can create a more formal or serene tone (think library or study). Making a statement with art always brings a touch of personalisation. Whether it is from a well-known or up and coming artist, its more about your connection to the art and what feeling it gives you. With everyone now running businesses online it has never been easier to find a creative that has a style you connect with.

15. COLOUR - Earthy colour palettes have inspired a movement to brown tones. Prepare yourselves as brown is making a comeback. Think warm earthy shades of brown, caramel and tan. These warm neutrals will be taking over from the grey domination of recent years. The new generation of browns is less 70s and more muted. Shades of brown are the perfect backdrop to the new cosy feeling we are creating when adding beautiful accents of sage, olive, eucalyptus and the beige neutrals. These earthy tones always bring warmth to a room. Whether a bedroom, living, lounge or dining room, there is a shade of brown that can ease

you into the new neutrals. We are seeing less minimalist white on white styling and warmth replacing cool modern interiors.

Whether you are building from scratch, remodelling or just replacing a few new items, the new 2022 trends can easily be adapted into your home for a quick refresh. There is an abundance of design tips above to bring the fresh new considerations to your home environment. The big learning is by connecting to nature, we are creating homes that support relaxation and tranquillity not just function.

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