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Top 10 Christmas Decorating and Styling Tips to Help You Style your home.

Style Tip 1 – Don’t follow trends every season. Build your Christmas look by decorating in the style of your home. Your Christmas décor should look like it belongs in your home, your personal preferred style and be complimentary with the colour palette of your home. Your Christmas styling should be an extension of your style.

Style Tip 2 - Create a colour palette – Remember it needs to work with what fittings and fixtures you already have in your home. A great rule to work by is a colour palette of 3 or 4 coordinating colours from baubles, ribbons, and even the wrapping paper. Coordinating all the decor items creates a very luxe designer look by keeping the colour story tight. You may choose a colour in many textures. A metallic gold for instance can be bought in a matt, shine, glitter and satin finish which will create depth and interest.

Style Tip 3 – Using greenery. Not all faux greenery is created equally. Look for artificial garlands and branches that have a lovely realistic look. Why not mix in some fresh arrangements if you love the smell and texture that they can bring into your home. Extra greenery instantly adds a luscious and high end finish to a home...

Style Tip 4 – Layering in some gorgeous textures and cosy comforts – luxurious cushions and candles instantly create ambience. Add a throw in a beautiful fabric and texture rather than adding an extra Santa. Texture is important here also. Adding elements in various finishes brings interest to the look. Think pinecones or a mixture of different size and textured baubles. Simply adding texture can make a beautiful statement.

Style Tip 5 – Don’t be afraid to move the furniture to accommodate the upcoming entertaining. If possible, move furniture to better accommodate the almighty tree. Having a new layout for the festive season instantly creates a fresh new space. Pre-planning helps, think of what functionality your rooms need to have. The Christmas entertaining and numbers you anticipate might mean you need to remove items to better accommodate the Christmas plans not to mention the décor.

Style Tip 6 – A few splurges on luxe decor and trim pieces always elevates your home. Not suggesting you go all out and spend but a few exquisitely detailed items can really bring something special to a look. These special items or perhaps heirloom pieces tend to be the hero of your table setting or mantle and all other decor item colours with tie back in to your special or favourite Christmas pieces.

Style Tip 7 – My favourite tip is why stop at the tree… Nothing is more welcoming and sets the tone for good tidings than starting the Christmas decorating from your entrance area. Continuing the styling in areas beyond the tree zone creates quite a boutique design style in your own home.

Style Tip 8 – Lighting sets a tone. Remember soft twinkling or static lights adds real magic to everything this time of year. Some Christmas lights in garlands, table top arrangements, around your decor or in vases can add a soft lift to your home. Its not about the house blinking at you from every angle, rather think of soft little luminous zones where some of your styling is brought up a notch…

Style Tip 9 –There is no need to buy loads of ornaments and décor items. If you sway more towards a minimalist or maximalist style it is ok. Your decorating can have a clean, simple aesthetic or be as intricate and detailed as you like. Lights and greenery are enough. Adding inexpensive items such as some pine cones in a glass vase and on tabletops can be very effective.

Style Tip 10 Don’t stress. It's all about getting that time to do what you love and remembering why you want to create an experience and a feeling. If you are stressed about décor or creating something ‘perfect’ you will miss out on actually enjoying the precious times you are trying to create. If you can’t enjoy yourself, what is the point? If anything is not quite perfect it's ok. Don’t take it too seriously. Give yourself a break. The ambience of a ‘relaxed and happy you’ will set the tone for your season and entertaining more than your decor.

That’s a wrap for our Christmas edition. From all our team here at Edge Design Consultants, we thank you for the incredible support over this most remarkable year. We send our heartfelt wishes to you all for good tidings, good health and happiness for the new year.

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