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How to style the perfect bed with Edge Design Consultants

How to style the perfect bed like a pro!

Ever wondered how to style your bed the way you see on tv and in magazines.. like a pro! It looks easy enough but there are styling tricks that will make it perfect every time.

Styling a bed is like an art form, the best way is to think of it is by layers and to start at the bottom.. The sheets.

The most common mistake made when styling a bed is the flat sheet being placed on the wrong way. You actually want to make the bed is made with the flat sheet the ‘wrong way’ up so that when you turn down the top of the sheet to highlight the sheet's colours or patterns the turn down is the correct side up. Also make sure you leave yourself enough sheet at the top to pull off an even turn down.

The next layer is the pillows, starting with the larger square shaped European pillows. These pillows add height to the back of the bed. Cover these pillows to match the quilt in colour or texture. Next is a standard pillowcase sitting in front of the European pillows. You can match your standard pillowcases to your sheets. If you are still looking for even more luxury add two more standard pillowcases and tie the pillowcases colour to the quilt. Select a pillowcase with a wide border to get a little more luxury rather than a plain pillowcase.

If you're a person who really loves layers then a great addition is to add a chunky blanket or throw to the style. In between the top of the bed and where the quilt cover is placed, add a new texture or colour throw placed diagonally across the bed to really highlight the complementary layers that make the bed look opulent and styled.

Now for the top.. Decorative cushions. This is where you can mix and match with colours pulled from the quilt or add textures with cord or pom poms. Try to stick to 3 or 5 of these depending on the size of your bed.

Quick tip: An easy way to take your bedding to the next level is to size up on your quilt and quilt cover. For a queen mattress and sheets upsize to a king quilt and cover, giving that extra drape look creating an inviting, stylish bedding.

If any of your rooms need a little refresh and some styling love why not try these tips yourself. Check out our website or Instagram @edge_design_consultants for inspiration to get your space looking its best!.

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