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How to style a coffee table with Edge Design Consultants

A coffee table is usually the centrepiece of your living room capturing the eye as you enter. It's also a functional piece of furniture, so while it's important to set the right tone and style of your space with your coffee table, it's also important to ensure a balance between it being both stylish and manageable. Here are 4 design ideas to style your coffee table like a pro!

4 design ideas to help you style your coffee table like a pro!

Create different heights

One of the best ways to add interest to a coffee table is to play around with size and height. This can be easily achieved with different height candles, or maybe two smaller tables next to each other at different heights. You can also add other objects like a tall glass cloche and plants.

Play with colour

One way to create a beautiful look is to pick out colours in the living room and use them in elements on the coffee table. Try to create at least three visual links, such as using the same colour in cushions, books and flowers.

Books and flowers

After a foolproof way to create instant coffee glamour? Books and flowers are always a winning combination. Create two or three stacks of books to add instant drama, creating different heights. Top the books with a small object, like a bowl or shell. Complete the look with a vase of flowers. Simple yet effective!

Use a tray

One way to tie together different elements is to group everything on a gorgeous tray. It's not only a practical solution to moving things with ease around your coffee table, but it's also an on-trend way to tie together and display your favourite things.

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