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How to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area with Edge Design Consultants

As the sun sets on a warm afternoon, we start to feel that warm breeze come through. We only have one thing on our minds - Summer. Summer is the perfect time to host friends and family in your outdoor spaces, making use of those spaces we neglect during the colder months. But what if your outdoor area isn’t quite ready for entertaining? The garden is a little overgrown and the furniture is old, outdated or weather-worn. Never fear, with the right planning you can turn any outdoor space, big or small, into the perfect entertaining area that your friends and family will love to hang out in (Aperol not included but preferable).

Here are our tips for creating the perfect area for afternoon drinks and a barbie (snags anyone?)

First, you need to zone your area. Think about what kind of entertainment you like to do. Drinks on the sunbeds, sunset dinners at the table or coffees on the lounge on those perfect Sunday mornings when the weather is just right. If you have enough space, maybe you can do all three. Rugs can help zone areas, choosing natural palettes that can work as a base layer to build on.

Set the scene, table settings and lounges in Rattan and natural woods, can help create a soft, earthy feel, layered this with plush, neutral soft furnishings like throws and pillows can make almost any space feel inviting.

Now for the view, make it easy by keeping on top of the garden by choosing hardy, low maintenance plants like succulents and ferns. Finishing with simple but elegant pieces from patterned and terracotta pots to candle lanterns and smaller plant arrangements for the table styling can help create the perfect mood for a perfect outdoor area.

Be sure to pick materials and items that can stand up to the often harsh Aussie climate, and don’t be afraid to bring some of those amazing colours you chose for the inside of our house outside, creating a cohesive feel. Keeping a flow from the inside out can be a perfect way to draw you outdoors, especially after those long (and quarantined) winter months.

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