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How to create a table setting design with Edge Design

Hosting a dinner for friends and loved ones is a great way to bring everyone together for some much needed catch ups. To create an inviting space however, can seem a little daunting at first, but with our tips we can help you create a beautiful setting that will wow any guest. So here are our top tips on styling a table for the ultimate lunch or dinner party.

Wooden table with beautiful table setting.

  • #Createatheme. A theme can set the scene, the tone, the look and feel and will drive the styling options and selections you make, from the table design to the chosen cuisine. A centrepiece is a simple way of creating that wow factor and drawing attention to the table, it should highlight the chosen theme and set the scene for the meal that's about to be served. Maybe it’s rustic Italian? Add beautiful olive and/or lemon branches down the middle of the table with candles and/or elegant glassware. Or perhaps it’s Mexican on the menu? With colourful Mexican tile plates and a beautiful arrangement of colourful flowers of yellow, red and orange can set the scene for your Mexican event. Use the theme to create the base ideas and build from there.

  • #Layerthelook. Start with your table, whether you want to highlight your wooden table for example or add a beautiful table cloth as the base to your look. It should be something neutral that allows your plateware and centerpiece to pop. Also consider the chairs, sometimes throwing a blanket on the back of a chair can add a #popofcolour and a touch of warmth and elegance to your table.

  • #Simplicityisthebest. Use simple, quality fabrics, crockery and cutlery and try to stick to one colour palette or use colours that compliment each other and hero your theme. Unifying the table setting with colour shows a well thought out #tablescape. This doesn't mean everything needs to be matching but the key is to avoid too many clashing hues that can be distracting to the eye.

Tip: There are 3 main types of #tablesettings depending on the type of dinner party you are planning. Below are simple illustrations representing the three types, #formal, #causal and #basic to help you plan your next event at home.

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