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5 top styling ideas for small or awkward spaces with Edge Design

Everyone has that tricky space in their home they are not quite sure what to do with. Whether it’s that random empty corner or a space at the end of a hallway. Void areas when styled correctly, can create a striking feature that's both catchy to the eye and functional. Here are some simple ideas to transform an unused or awkward space in your home into something special, creating both a practical and decorative feature.


As a practical piece of furniture, armchairs can make a stylish statement in any space. A statement chair can add a pop of colour, warmth and even your wow factor given its the right size, colour and style to suit the overall aesthetic of your home. As a functional piece, a chair is a great place to sit back and relax, to read a book, put shoes on or wait for your partner to get ready. Depending on the size of the area you can accompany the chair with a plant or lamp to add further detail.


Books are an inexpensive and striking option to add depth and colour to an unused space. An open bookcase can do wonders; creating a dynamic range of colourful spines and at the same time working extremely well as a sound absorber. A book-laden home always creates a sense of warmth and character.


Make use of dead space and set up a home office. All you need is a comfy chair and desk that fits into your nook. Hang shelves above for extra storage and a small lamp for added ambiance.


Indoor plants are a perfect option for filling voids in the home. You can pretty much squeeze a plant into any vacant spot- beside your bed, on top of bookshelves and, of course and in awkward corners. Choose the right size plant for the space and you will bring the whole area to life.


Bare, awkward spaces are often made worse if the space is too dark. Make an ornate or edgy floor light the perfect hero for a dark empty space - adding depth to the room or area and potentially making it feel bigger. You could also consider a floor standing sculpture or a strong piece of artwork to showcase the space and give it purpose and personality.

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