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5 tips for creating a stylish and functional home office space.

It has definitely been a tough and strange year for everyone. But on the list of many strange occurrences is the home being considered a legitimate workspace. With this in mind we are now trying to navigate between a serene, calming space for our family living and a practical, professional setting for our work.

The way a room is furnished and styled can have a significant impact on productivity and our wellbeing.

Here are our top 5 tips to creating a stylish and functional home work space!

1- It's all about the right space and desk

Whether it's a big desk in the middle of the room or a small desk in the corner with shelves. Select something that works for you, creating a comfortable and inviting zone. But it’s important to set the scene- this is now a place for productivity.

2-The Chair

Seeing as we spend many hours sitting, it only takes an ill-equipped chair to ruin your day. Choose a chair for comfort and style. Looking at the feel and support and maybe adding a pop of colour to help create a colour palette to your space.

3-Practical yet stylish storage

There is nothing like having an organised desk to really power through the day. Stylish storage boxes and shelves are a great way to keep on top of your new space as well as add elements of design. Beautiful stationery can add a lot to the space and also make the new office space feel special.

4- The lights must be right

Lighting is a very important addition to any room. Filling a space with natural light or purpose lighting works to enhance the area and set up your zone. You can choose a statement table lamp or floor lamp with bold details or colours to help frame the space for a stylish look.

5- Enjoy your space

Mostly you want to create a space you actually enjoy spending time in. The perfect home office should be a balance between function and style. Add finishing touches like an indoor plant or a rug or maybe a comfortable throw that looks amazing on the back of your chair but also keeps you warm on those early morning starts.

If your workspace needs a little love, no matter the size, now is the time. Try it yourself with these helpful tips or give us a call or email at charlie@edgedesignconsultants.com.au.

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