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5 simple tips to finish styling a room with Edge

With all the beautiful styles that you could consider it’s hard to choose which one is right for you and this can make the whole design process overwhelming. Take a moment and look at your space, what are some of your favourite items? What are some of your favourite colours? The start of your style may already be there and you may just be missing some key interior design elements that will help tie the room together.

Here are our top 5 simple tips to making a room feel finished and styled, ready to be lived in and loved.

1. Ambient lighting

The effect lighting has on a room should not be overlooked. A lot of people make the mistake of only using standard overhead/ceiling lighting, leaving the room without ambience or depth. Embrace soft lighting options such as lamps, wall sconces and string lights. Dot these around the room to create warm pools of light which are infinitely more atmospheric and are essential for cosying up your home.

2. Books

Books are an amazing way to add soul to a room. They never go out of style and they don’t cost the world. Style them on a shelf or on a coffee table, the options are endless. Plus you can enjoy a good read if you have a few free moments in the day.

3. Art

Art on the walls is essential to any room, which adds colour and personality to a room. Blank walls are a missed opportunity to tell a story. Art can come in any shape or form and doesn’t need to be expensive. Select a piece of art that speaks to you or why not frame up a beautiful landscape photo you have taken on holidays or a mix of family photos

4. Texture

Texture attracts the eye by Introducing interest to the room and adding some diversity. Think about adding elements like a chunky-knit throw, rustic timber furniture or even a leafy indoor plant. These earthy objects will work wonders to add beautiful dimensions to your home.

5. Colour themes

The most important factor to making a room feel finished is how all the elements tie together. Using complementary colours is a great way to create a design flow throughout the space. The easiest way to stay on top of this is to start with a neutral background, white walls and plain flooring and choose just one or two colours for accessorising tying the look together.

If any of your rooms need a little refresh and some styling love why not try these tips yourself. Check out our website or Instagram @edge_design_consultants for inspiration to get your space looking its best!.

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