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2021 Spring Home Décor Ideas that will refresh and renew your home

There’s something about springtime, that feeling of new beginnings, new life and dare I say out loud, hope… As we emerge from lockdown, many of us have a new awareness and appreciation of what we need to feel comfortable.

This new mindfulness of what brings us peace, joy and even security usually starts with our homes. Creating a home that is our ultimate sanctuary grounds us. Throughout the lockdown period, our homes became quite literally our refuge, workplace, classroom, creative hub, gym etc… after months and months of looking at these spaces, it may be timely to refresh our sanctuary and bring new inspiration to some treasured spaces.

Springtime usually arrives and sweeps us into the romance and stimulus of all things new. I’m sure I am not alone in feeling a grand scale clean out and some fresh décor or styling is due. A few new pieces can instantly breathe new energy into a space. We all deserve to have a life we love and by making a few adjustments in our environment the payoff can be huge. The best part is it can be done easily.

5 Top Spring Styling Ideas To Freshen Up Your Space

Nature inspired trends are everywhere right now. The influence of natural, organic shapes, textures and materials encompasses many popular looks this season.

1. Blooms, blooms and more blooms – Nothing says welcome to spring more that those beautiful little buds. Inspiring our hearts and minds with the wonder of all that is fresh and new. With a huge trend of bringing the outdoors in, this tip can be interpreted in a fresh new way by adding a large organic shaped pot with branches of buds and blooms to achieve a clean, and simple statement in any room of your home.

2. Greenery in the home - Human beings have an innate need to connect with nature. If you are at all feeling anxious, it is often advised to connect with nature. At Edge Design Consultants, we have an obsession for plants in the home. Nature inside a home or office adds instant tranquillity.

Minimalist interior plants with oversized branches set in large scale earth pots brings an understated elegance and simplicity to any space with the added bonus of a connection to nature. Simple cut branches and place in a pot or introduce large scale potted plants.

3. Warm minimalist interiors. Our love affair with soft organic textures, materials and finishes continues. This aesthetic can be achieved by choosing natural materials in furniture through to throws, linen, art and ceramics. Organic materials instantly add a relaxed and serene aesthetic.

By introducing pieces in wicker such as a chair or side table, cane basket or floor lamp, clay pot or vase, stone tray, linen chair cover or oversized cushions, and silk throws you can bring a fresh, almost resort style feeling into a room. Large scale always has a more upmarket luxe feel rather than a host of trinkets. Less is most definitely more when it comes to house décor.

4. Softer lines and organic shapes. Curved lines in design have origins from the art deco and renaissance eras. The new twist on this hot trend has been reinterpreted into a contemporary, fresh and crisp look that is showing up in everything from seating, ceramics, artwork, mirrors and even windows and doorways. This trend is creeping into structural house design and we will continue to see this grow.

Soft rounded organic shapes are dominating new sofa and chair designs. Another simple but very clever idea to introduce this look is by painting arches behind elements in your home. This gives a brand-new fresh contemporary feel. An arch shape painted on a wall with a hall table in front has the same effect without any architectural changes.

5. The New Neutral Tones. Dominating colours of 2021 tie in beautifully with our current love of all things inspired by nature. As we move into 2022 warm earthy tones that come from nature continue to take centre stage. The sensation of being immersed in nature promotes an internal peace which has never been more important. Our physical and mental health is bringing outdoor colours to indoors.

Beautiful, welcoming, soft and soothing tones talk to us in a very comforting way. To create soothing environments we are moving to more taupes, sand and beiges as the base neutral and away from cool whites and greys. Everything is offset by structural elements of black for that chic touch. These new neutral based tones perfectly support the lovely clay palettes that have moved into home décor. Clays, russets, peachy tones all sit well with oaks and sand coloured finishes.

So where is it all heading I hear you ask… The 2022 colour predictions are showing earthy shades and many soft green-greys. There are greens, greens and more greens. Soft ‘neutral’ shades let you have confidence to try these new colours in small spaces which is the perfect way to give you a taste for it without freaking you out. These softer tones sit so well with the above neutrals. Tones such as muted moss, grey-greens, soft sage, sea mist, and eucalyptus can bring colour - in a subtle way - into your space.

Sherwin Williams colour of the year for 2022 is ‘evergreen fog’ which as the name suggests is a beautiful balance of a subtle green and grey. Soft enough to soothe and enough colour to lift and accentuate the natural elements in your home.

There is no need to run out and buy everything new. Re-evaluating what you have and reimagining the stand out pieces we have in our home is the new consciousness. Buying vintage and repurposing is the new way forward. Sustainability, low impact living and environmental sensitivity perfectly aligns with this aesthetic. Eco friendly awareness also means looking for local artisans and products for dressing our home.

The move to simplicity and minimalist interiors perfectly compliments harmony, balance and feelings of relaxation within our homes. The less you see the less mental space it takes up so think big old statement pieces and allow space around to soothe your senses.

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