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2021 interior design trends with Edge Design Consultants

As we settle into a new year, this one is different from the rest. With new hopes, ideas and possibilities and so too with design palettes, trends and styles.

With that in mind we have put together our top 4 interior trends for 2021. With all of us spending more time at home, this may be the best time to create a space you truly love. Here are some designs to get you started.

1. The Neutral Luxe

The calm colour palette is key here, but it’s important to look beyond white. It’s all about the subtle mix of neutral colours that can create a new design. Think light grey, plus a sea of browns from beige to caramel, caramel and beyond. You can also include black, but as a pop more than a dominant force.

Accompanied with this palette is the clever use of natural light to enhance the design, adding depth and warmth. Curtains, blinds and sheers can be designed to perfectly pair to create a layered interior look that diffuses natural sunlight, creating a beautiful softness. Melt into the gentle embrace of soft fabrics and soothing shades of buttermilk and marshmallow. Think neutrals, hazy and soft light to create a fresh yet cosy cocoon.

2. Tradition meets modern

Pretty prints, dainty florals and family heirlooms take pride of place among a more restrained, modern edit of luxurious fabrics and finishes, allowing you to delight in the joy of beloved pieces – the old and the new – everyday. Layers of past and present creating a design that is truly personal to you.

3. Modern Industrial

If you love a contemporary design style at home and like dark colours but don’t want a dark home, this look may be the one you have been looking for. It’s so much cleaner than the traditional industrial style of the past, yet it celebrates all the best parts of the classic aesthetic.

Embracing classic industrial moments like concrete effects on walls, lashings of leather and exposed-bulb lighting, there are new elements in the mix. Marble is a big one. It’s a great way to bring a sense of modernity to this style, plus it brings with it some elegance. Striking black features are the key to pulling off this look. You’ll see it in things like window frames, tapware, door hardware and lighting. It’s that bold black against the crisp white that really makes this trend shine. But the importance of grey must be introduced to keep things monochromatic (and less checker board).

4. Organic Nature

If this year has proven anything, it’s that we want to connect to nature more. The popular all-white boho vibe has been huge for years, and this Organic Trend for 2021 is an extension of that look. So, boho lovers, consider this the next step in your style evolution. This new vibe has the same sense of relaxation and ease. Start with your walls, embracing a gorgeous beige or subtle apricot is going to give your room the depth it needs to fully commit to the look. On top of that, layer on a nice balance of warm orange and wood tones, and then deeper greens. Gold and white can be added in to bring calm and cosiness to each space.

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